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In this section you will find everything footwear related. With Shoes from brands like Adio, World Industries and Madd Gear to Dinosoles which are the very popular kids shoe with a dinosaur print in the sole. Heelys are also a big part of this section, you will find a huge variety of boy's and girl's heely's here along with all the accessories needed to customise them.



Proline Skates Footwear

Welcome to the Footwear section where you'll find everything that you could possibly need when it comes to shoes, laces and similar footwear. Our range of footwear is from well-known, high-quality brands such as Adio, World Industries and Madd Gear, so you can rest assured that the footwear you buy from us is built to last. At Proline Skates we understand that children's shoes need to be supportive and comfortable, but we also know that they need to be able to withstand wear and tear for as long as possible. Browse through our range of skate shoes, trainers with wheels and more today.

Heelys, Skate Shoes and More

Our range covers a variety of popular brands and footwear for children. This includes Heelys, which remain very popular with boys and girls alike, and you can also shop for a range of skate shoes and skate trainers. Check out our range of Adio trainers and don't forget about Dinosoles either! These hugely popular shoes come with a dinosaur print in the sole, perfect for any dinosaur fanatics in the family. We offer footwear that kids love, and there's no better place to find the latest in skate trainers.

Skate Shoe Accessories

Once you've found the perfect footwear, whether it's a pair of boy's Adio shoes or a pair of Heelys for your daughter, you may want to spruce them up a bit. We have a variety of accessories available so your kids can customise their new skate shoes the way that they want. Take a look at our brightly coloured laces and browse our patterned wheels to personalise your kid's new skate shoes and make them even more special.